Our Mission

The mission of the Horschel Family Foundation is to passionately invest in communities by partnering with organizations that inspire hope, provide healing, promote health and honor our soldiers.  

From Our Founder

Billy and I find more joy in helping & watching others succeed than we do ourselves and we have always dreamed and spoken at length about having our own foundation. We have watched from the sidelines as many of our friends have begun theirs, attended handfuls of events and supported many. We have waited in the helm until our time was right, until our hearts and minds were ready to fully invest into the causes that are near and dear to us. And now, finally the time is right, and we are beyond excited to announce the beginning of The Horschel Family Foundation. We believe that changing one life alters the footprint left on our earth forever and hope to help steer the world towards a more healthy, positive, and loving place for future generations to come.

With love,